Dark Gray

Dark Gray

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This color pairs well with the tonal solids and with multi colored yarns:





Each skein is truly unique, just like you are. This is a normal part of the hand dyed process.  Though the colors used in this colorway are the same, there may be variations of color distribution between skeins. This is part of the fun. Enjoy the beauty of each skein. Please make sure to purchase enough yarn to complete your project.  This is help to ensure that your projects will look cohesive.

Due to each screen being different, the actual colors of the skeins may slightly differ from the image on your screen. We represented the true colors to the best of our abilities. 

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact betsysfibers@gmail.com

This yarn does contain superwash merino, however, we do always recommend that you hand wash your knitwear. Please use cold or lukewarm water and lay flat to dry. We use colorfast acid dyes for dyeing yarn, and rinse until water runs clear. However even with all of this, there is a chance that some dye may bleed slightly in the first wash of your finished item. This is particularly true for highly saturated colors and speckled skeins. Because of this, we recommend that you wash your items separately, especially for the first couple of washes.